Damn it.


I don't know what to say, except maybe "Go Bills". Today is a dark day.

It's silly, but I was having one of those good on a superficial level days. I went shopping on my lunch break and discovered that it was "buy one get the next 50% off' at my favourite clothing store. Score! The weather was not nearly as yucky as had been predicted. Breezy! I sat down for lunch at the salad place and somebody had left a fresh, unread New York Times Arts section behind. All the news that's fit to print about Tony Weekend and the JVC Jazz Fest. Thoughtful! I went to Starbucks for an iced coffee and they were playing A Love Supreme. Awesome!

So when I read the shocking news about Tim Russert a few minutes ago, all the good superficial stuff just seems, well, superficial. Life is cruel sometimes and yeah, I didn't know the guy, but on some level I did. On some level, we all did. And we're gonna miss him. We should all carry with us some of his class, his pursuit of truth, his work ethic and his love of family, friends and country.

I'm sure we'll all tune in to Meet The Press this Sunday, Father's Day, a day I've come to associate with Tim and his family.

Sunday mornings will never be the same, that's for sure.


  1. I still can't believe it! I was counting on Tim to guide me through this political year, he always did. Integrity is what he brought to table. Remember when he appeared on 'Homicide', maybe that's why I often think of him as cousin Timmy. Go Bills!

  2. It was shocking, right? It's freaky how you can be here and then...NOT, so suddenly. Even though we all intellectually know it can happen like that.

    The other thing that freaked me out about Tim? He was only a couple months older than my mom. That scares me like nothing else.

  3. Beautifully said... My Sunday mornings are not going to be the same. I was very sad too at the news.

  4. It's amazing how we bring someone into our homes through the magic box and in time, they become part of our lives. I'm not sure why I was so saddened because I really know nothing of the real man, I only know the blurbs that I get from the cathode ray. Still, I was sad and touched by what he'd come to mean to me (us) and I have this unknown grief for his family. he must have truly been a good guy for it to eek through the airwaves and affect so many in his passing.


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