Blogging from Buffalo


The Robeau and I are spending Victoria Day, that most colonial of holiday Mondays South of the border in Buffalo, New York. We've already enjoyed seeing some of downtown near our hotel and hope to balance some sight seeing and book reading / relaxation for the rest of the weekend. Even on short trips like this, not far away from home, The Robeau and I travel very differently. As I discovered on our trip to New Orleans a few years back, he is of the "relax and do nothing in the hotel room" variety and I am of the "chart it, graph it, see it all" variety. My theory is that this has to do with him traveling so much for work (it's no big deal) and me not being very well traveled (it's a BIG freaking deal). In life, I am not type A. Not at all. On vacation, I'm crazy type A. So he's doing his best to come along with me and look at STUFF (Stuff in a different city!) and I'm here blogging in our room at the Hyatt Regency because it feels like I'm being more productive than it does when I'm lying in bed reading. I need to get my head checked. But not this weekend. TOO MUCH TO DO!!! TOO MUCH TO SEE!!!

Here's the view from our hotel room. Where I blog.


  1. It's so good to have a little vacation. I hope you're having fun no matter how you spend your time!

    I have to say, on trips I'm a bit like you and The Robeau. I definetly love to do my share of site seeing and picture taking, but after a full day or two of it I want to chill in the hotel with some cable tv and a pizza. (Have you ever had pizz delivered to your hotel room? IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!)

  2. My heart warms at the mention of Buffalo, home of WNED, my PBS home. Look up Goldie for me, and let her know the cheque is in the mail.

    Save home.

  3. You say buffalo ... I bison. The other other other red meat.

  4. Haha -- I am the same as you on trips, I want to do everything and not sleep etc. -- while Tom's main concern is if the hotel room has cable and air conditioning for his all-day relaxation needs... Glad you got to get away on a little vacation! I love doing that, even if it's not far away.


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