Best. Spam. Ever.


Last week, I got several spam emails with the subject "we have pictures of you in the shower, tnolan".


Today? "you look really stupid, tnolan".



  1. Thank God no one else got ahold of the pictures that I have of you in the shower tnolan.

  2. I didn't know you took showers.

  3. One wonders: Do said spammers mean to infer that you look stupid anytime, or just when you are in the shower? I mean, we all have our crosses to bear in life, but no one should be held to the same standard in, and out, of the shower.

  4. Ugh!! That sucks though, you didn't even get the real thrill of posting pics of yourself in the shower... Maybe you could now, it's already out there... hahah.

    ... Thank you so much for your note. I feel exactly the same way you do; I don't know what is my problem. Thank you so much.

    (Hope you're having a good morning!!)

  5. Impressive. All my spam is about getting a bigger, better, stronger dong. Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something?


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