Caftan Woman and her boy.


Sound the trumpets! Alert the media! Caftan Woman, frequent clever and witty comment-maker here at my little corner of the intornet (and incidentally, my big sister) has started her own blog! Are you as excited as I am? I knew you would be. Check her out over here and stay a while, won't you?

I think you'll find her current post about her son Gavin insightful and poignant in its simplicity. Today, being World Autism Awareness Day, would be a good time to give some thought to the subject. You can learn more here .

Yours truly with Gavin when he was still a wee thing. Photo by another Nolan girl, Mo.


  1. Left your sister a comment (couldn't help myself). Thanks for introducing me to her and Gavin. Do me a favor and tell her not to visit my blog though. She seems like a nice, sweet person and I wouldn't want to sully her with my nonsense.

  2. Thanks, Tracey.

    I don't recall that picture of you and Gavin. It's lovely. My favourite is the one where he has that look on his face as if he can't believe it's his poor Aunt Tracey.

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Hey, Aunt Tracey, on behalf of our nephew I'd like to tell you that he enjoys your wonderful tickles and snuggles the best.

  4. What a beautiful photo, of both of you... (I bet you must be the coolest aunt ever!) I am reading her blog right now; it is indeed insightful, and wonderful.


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