The Bluffs


It's easy to forget that Toronto and its surrounding areas have lots to offer in the way of "nature". I don't often go in for that nature stuff, but I do love being near the water and boy, there's nothing better than a little outdoor time in April after the long, punishing winter. And yeah, when I say punishing, I mean it.

This weekend The Robeau and I took a wee sojourn to Bluffer's Park in Scarborough. So nice to have this much scenery so close to home.


  1. Very very. Love what you snap.

  2. It's all there. We just have to step outside.

    Such an eye and a talent you have!

  3. Looks so peaceful. Lovely shots, Tracey.

  4. Remember the episode of 'Homicide', when the young hood asks,"Is that the ocean?"


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