The Judgement Question


I'm not one to make fun of Hillary's pant suits. She may not be the candidate that I support but generally I think she's a pretty sharp dresser, but,'re going to give a major speech on the Iraq War. Is THIS really what you wear? Does this not go to answer that judgement question?

Kiss me, I'm entitled!

Also, if nobody will tell her not to wear this Lucky Charms scarf around her neck while giving a serious address - who will tell her that her campaign is tanking?


  1. She does look a tad silly, but she needs those clovers because I believe Obama has the seat.

  2. Sean K.9:42 AM

    Maybe she's hiding a "love bite" from Bill under that shamrock disaster?

    When I first saw that picture, all's I thought of was, "I know who stole me Lucky Charms, it was Barrack Obama. I'm not saying that all black people steal, but if the stereotype helps me win some more Super Delegates, when then so be it!"

  3. James5:22 PM

    It's so tired and misogynistic to tie in what a woman is wearing to what she has to say. All woman could use a little less of that.......

  4. Oh, james, james, james. If this campaign is the job interview she claims it is, then she wore the wrong outfit. And that matters. If you're a man or woman. If you wore your beer helmet to a job interview just cause it was St. Paddy's Day would you expect to get the job?

    Bad choices, are bad choices - lady business or no lady business.


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