I don't know about you guys, but this has been one of the stressiest weeks on record. Yes it has. Even considering its status as 4 days long, today being the first day of Spring and the glorious speech from The Candidate. Despite all this, I can't seem to stop spinning. I'm crazed this week Bloggy McBloggerson. Crazed. In an effort to calm the eff down I'm going to share with you some things that are great. Cause just like Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett I like things that are great. Good things ARE fantastick.

Am I making sense? No? Just go with me. Great things, in no particular order:

The way Pickles sits in the green chair.

Accidental latte art. Look what I can do!

Also, speaking of coffee, go to Starbucks, shell out 75 cents and buy yourself a Mini Vanilla Scone. DO IT. It's yummy as all get out, you won't break the bank and really, it's all you need. I applaud the marketing genius that came up with this one. Ladies will be buying these everyday, forever. Genius.

Original art by Zee Noix of my favourite character of her's "Baggy Cheeks" celebrating St. Paddy's Day. Zee Noix used to draw Mr. BC in all sorts of settings at my request back in grade school. After we saw Superbad, we had a whole new perspective on his...meaning. I love it.

This picture that I snapped of my chatty buddy Sam when I asked him to show me his blanket. Dude is WAY into that blanket.

Now, sit back and watch Burt Lahr here. If you don't laugh at this, I can't help you.

Happy Long Easter Weekend!


  1. Happy Long Easter Weekend to you too, Tracey!

    By the by, that is one of the best cat pictures I've ever seen.

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Stressiest is exhausting, no doubt about it.
    But, spring has sort of sprung and Starbucks has a latte with your name on it, go forth and enjoy!
    Thanks for the great stuff.

  3. Sorry it was so stressful!! Now go & have an effin-awesome weekend, you deserve it.

    Haha, Pickles!! Haha. (Hmm... pretty much the same position my husband lies in while watching TV...)

  4. Orchestrated musical insanity! Loved it! Thanks a jillion.


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