Wow. I suck.


I've just been too busy to update recently so I've added a Twitter update to my profile over here ----> (look down)

Just so you all don't think I've left the intornet for good.

Thanks Twitter, for helping me suck less!


  1. Blossom Dearie and Malcolm X. Are you me? I thought that I was the only one on Earth who could appreciate those two things simultaneously.

    Okay Tracey, where's the good stuff? This is a blog after all. With all that I see in your profile that we have in common, you must be interesting. Drop by my blog, if you're feeling stupid and get acquainted. I'll try to be interesting. By the way, my name is Brian.

    See ya.

  2. Aw, Tracey, I don't think anyone could suck less than you do.

    By the way, looks like you've got an admirer ;)

  3. Who wouldn't admire Tracey. Everything in her bio is admirable, including that shayna punim. Ah, but she's so young. A mere child.

    New question Tracey. How do you feel about jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery?

    Gogle this book (it's meant for you) - "Wigfield - The Can-do Town That Just May Not". Let me know if it piques your interest.


  4. I don't understand twitter, but I'm shaking my head and smiling as though I'm in the know. (going to investigate now)

    No matter what you write or don't write YOU DON'T SUCK!

  5. holy crap, I have sucked so bad this week, with sucky work and I have missed my blog too!!

    Don't worry, you can see you have TONS of admirers; we won't stop thinking you're cool no matter what!! :)


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