Whaaaa? No, really. WHAAAA?



  1. Tracey, it's clave again. I was banned from the AAJ board yesterday. Mike R. didn't give me any reasons at all, even though i asked off-list. He told me that he did not like my recent posts and did not want me posting in the musicians' forums.

    Earlier today, Bev Stapleton posted a thread about my banning, asking why it had happened. Mike R deleted that. he has been deleting and otherwise censoring posts for the past week now, maybe longer - it has happened to others, not just me.

    Please feel free to write me if you'd like. (There's an e-mail address on my Blogger profile page.) I'm not trying to drag you into anything, but thought you should know about this.

    maybe we can create our own hangout? it's worth a thought. ladies would be welccome, lady standups in particular!

    all the best,
    clave/Spinning/insert other pseudonym at will

  2. Poor Bill. We've all been there.


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