I'm not really a resolution kind of girl. There's something that feels dishonest about saying just because it's January 1st you're going to exercise more or do better at work or be a better person. For years I resolved not to resolve. I vowed to change nothing! By and large, I still feel that way. I do.

Vintage Times Square Shot

That said, as I was sitting in Balzac's Coffee Shop the other day reading Ashley Khan's new book about Impulse Records, enjoying a latte I told myself that THIS was something I needed to more of in the new year. So, it turns out that I'm a hypocrite. If there is something I enjoy doing, I'm going to resolve to do more of it in 2008. It's like my position on fur. I'm only against people wearing fur if it's ugly.

Happy New Year, my wonderful intornet friends! I hope 2008 brings you everything you wish for!


  1. Happy New Year to you too, beautiful lady!!

    (From your fellow, often-hypocritical-herself, friend, xoxoxo)

  2. Happy New Year, Tracey.

    I like the resolution. The book sounds fascinating, too.

    May 2008 be everything you hope for and more.

  3. Happy New Year to you, my lovely and talented friend! I wish you lots of resolution with no resolutions.

  4. A very happy new year to you! I hope you enjoy every second of 2008!

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  6. Here's to all the good coffee and good books you can handle in 2008! You don't have to think of this as a resolution; just call it a good idea.

  7. I saw a grown man wearing a full-length fur coat a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't tell if he was a pimp or not. It was very disturbing...


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