On A Bad Day, You Can See Forever.


I'm a cranky girl today, Bloggy McBloggerson. And it's not even the epic PMS. It's environmental. I'm surrounded. The JAMFs are coming, and there is no stopping them.

Given that I am notoriously prone to fall for holiday cheer, I thought I'd take myself over to Chapters at lunch, look at all the pretty stuff and new books and grab an eggnog latte. Surely, that would fix The Mood.

It didn't.

As I stood in the new-non-fiction section with Ann Coulter's face staring up at me, and Little Drummer Boy blaring over the sound system, I heard myself say out loud, in my outside voice "Would you shut the fuck up, Josh Groban?!" By the time I realized what I was doing it was too late. It was already out there. And the man standing next to me, flipping through The Audacity of Hope was already laughing at me. In his outside voice.


  1. Just in your honor, I am also going to use my outside-voice, at my first chance. Which will be momentarily, as this day is particularly annoying. --- Sincerely, your fellow cranky-friend.

  2. As the personification of all that is over-the-top in cheerfulness at this time of year, I - yes, even I, Caftan Woman - am finding Fate (with a capital FUDGE) is doing its' darndest to weigh me down. I need more Guy Lombardo, Kate Smith and some Vodka.

  3. I applaud you! Rock on, my feisty friend!

  4. In desperate times, we take desperate measures. I applaud you as well.

    Look away from the Coulter. I do. She makes my head hurt.


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