I've got some good news and some bad news...


To file under C for crap:
The tonsils. They are not behaving. Off to the clinic this morning. Will they let me keep them? Also, how do they know we have a big opening this week at work? Cause they must. Big opening = Me sick. I shake my fist at you Tonsils! Can you see that?!?!

To file under P for persistent:
Scotia Bank. After all that drama I spoke to many a customer service representative without losing my shit. Two points for me. To their credit nobody ever told me I was wrong, or upset for no reason. They did their homework and discovered that somebody at my branch tried to call me to let me know about the hold on my account except they called my home number, during business hours, did not leave a message and only called the once. Unacceptable! Much to my shock, all of the heartfelt apologies from banker types actually meant something to me. A much more meaningful gesture is the $100 American Express gift card they're sending me.

The squeaky wheel, she likes the grease.


  1. Wohooo!! A $100 gift certificate!! I don't know though - is that worth not losing your shit?!! (Well, actually, yes!)

    Sorry about your tonsils -- I hope things turn out ok!!

  2. I'm proud of you for not losing your shit!

    As for the tonsils, lose 'em.

  3. Good luck with the tonsils. But, I hear if they take those out, ice cream is part of the recovery :)


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