You know you're in Canada when...


It's grey and rainy today. A homeless man, still buzzed from whatever he drank for lunch is crouched on the sidewalk, wrapping an old sleeping bag over his shoulders. He lets out a big, loud yawn. Then, "Oh! Excuse me!"

Even our drunk, homeless people are polite.


  1. IRONY! The biggest story in town not three hours later "Stabby on the loose":

  2. His mamma raised him right. (I hear that all the time down here)

  3. I feel it's an age thing. Your older homeless drunk - yes. This new generation - not so much.

    Is the serial stabber a phenomenon in other cities? Is he more successful in other cities? Is this all due to cuts to the TTC?

  4. DEFINITEly more polite than our SF homeless!!! Here they just yawn and spit and pee wherever they feel the need. (But they are curiously vigilant about recycling...)

  5. I recently heard that the homeless in SF do their #2 business in between parked cars. So that if you're trying to walk between two parked vehicles you might be confronted with a steaming pile. Tracey, you are definetly lucky!


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