Crankmeister T is too through!


Well, after two days back at work it's starting to feel like we never went away at all. Don't you just hate that?

Other things I am too through with:

The Boss and his crazy mental games. Poor Joe Torre. If he's ready to move on, I hope he gets to make that decision himself. It's time to start another Steinbrenner death watch! Who's with me?!?!!!

Major Leaugue Baseball's obsession with Bon Jovi. I like Bon Jovi as much as the next guy, but COME ON! Enough already.

Tony Gwynn. Would someone please give this man a cookie and make him SHUT it? He makes Tim McCarver sound like a Harvard man. For real. Tony Gwynn is so dumb, he sounds like he should be wearing overalls with no shirt underneath. He sounds like he should have a bit of straw stuck to his lips at all times. Tony Gwynn, I have one thing to say to you, and it is "SSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Yesterday's Provincial Election had an all time low voter turn out here in Ontario. 50% turn out. That is shameful. Ontario? Shame on you. Shaaaaaame.

Sorry. Crankmeister T is in the building. Surely I can think of something nice to say? How about....I made that Apple Crisp when we were in Collingwood. I would like to make Apple Crisp for all of you. That's how much fun I had doing this. AND I used Becel instead of butter, Splenda brown sugar instead of brown sugar and organic rolled oats, and it was still delicious. Now if only it wasn't still flirting with 30 degree weather in OCTOBER we might all be able to enjoy a nice fall dessert. Bah.

Clearly, my attitude is not fit for man or beast today. I'm gonna go, but first I want to share some photos of the great outdoors with you. Of what our peaceful and tranquil "country getaway" looked like. I miss it already. What the hell?

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