La Belle Epoque Fall Music Series


MTN Media Relations has been working for the past month or so with the fabulous Sybil Walker and The Academy of Spherical Arts on a new music series featuring great singers in the intimate La Belle Epoque Room. I wanted to share some video footage that I shot of some of the talent from the first few shows so that you can get a taste of what this great series has to offer. Despite the fact that I have been "working" at these shows they have still been some of the most relaxing and pleasant evenings out I've had in a long time. I think that's saying a lot!

Heather Bambrick, multi award winner and Jazz FM radio personality is one of the most purely entertaining artists working in Toronto today. Here she is with her stellar band performing a tune familiar to Nancy Wilson fans, Look At Me Now.

Heather Bambrick

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Amanda Martinez (also familiar to listeners of Jazz FM) is one of the brightest lights in the Canadian Latin music scene and I think this footage of her performing one of her own compositions (with Heather's band) shows why. She's truly captivating.

Amanda Martinez

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Last week the electrifying Juno nominated blues diva Shakura S'Aida paid tribute to Nina Simone. Here she is with her band (including Robi Botos on piano) bringing down the house with I Put A Spell On You. You'll notice a jump in the quality of this video thanks to the fact that it was a two camera shoot. (Kudos to the Robeau for helping out with his newly acquired mad video editing skills too!)

Shakura S'Aida

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On Friday, October 5th La Belle Epoque will be presenting Carmen Unzipped with the wonderful pianist Patti Loach and the legendary opera star Jean Stilwell. It promises to be a really memorable evening. If you're in the, I hope you can make it out!

For more information, or if the videos on this page present technical difficulties, please visit La Belle Epoque Music Series


  1. I'm always amazed and impressed by your incredible music knowledge.

  2. I just watched the videos. I'm so glad I did. The performers were truly awe-inspiring.

  3. Congratulations to La Belle Epoque and MTN.

    Thanks for the musical treats.

    Hoping to get out for the 5th.

  4. I think you'd enjoy it on the 5th. Right up your alley, as they say...


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