Do I smell an alliance?


Oprah's support of Barack Obama has been well documented and much talked about. I, for one, think she will do the candidate a world of good.

But who would be Obama's hypothetical running mate? We know it couldn't be anyone who represents a "minority". The first black presidential candidate cannot saddle himself with a woman, a latino or a vegan. So that leaves your standard white male.

The other day, while flipping the channels I stumbled on Rachael Ray's talk show. Usually, I want to smother this woman with a pillow. While some of her quirks still annoy me, her on air persona seems to have calmed down some so I left it on to see who her first guest was.

Ladies and Gentlemen....who am I kidding? Ladies and Ladies (drum roll) Elizabeth Edwards!

You know who produces Rachael Ray's show, right?


  1. These are Americans, right?

  2. I didn't know Elizabeth Edwards was a vegan!!!

  3. I just hate Rachael Ray... She has some unexplainable quality about her that just GRATES on my nerves. (Though there are plenty of sites out there entirely devoted to describing why!!)

    (I see the irony about Oprah co-producing her show!!) Jeesh.

    Oh please, let our next election produce *some* faith in us Americans!! I try my best :)

  4. Rachel Ray is a human irritant, in my opinion. I can't watch her. No offense to her or her accomplishments.


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