What I did on my Summer Vacation by Tracey N.


Do you remember those papers you had to write when you went back to school? One year, I think it was 5th grade, our Principal came by and asked the kids what they did on summer vacation. One kid told him he went to Mimico. Mimico was the neighbourhood right next to ours. But this kid said it like he went to Florida or something. It was odd, but kind of cute. The Principal (I can't remember his name) must have been having a bad day. He actually told this kid not to talk to him again until he had something interesting to say. Awful, but hysterical. I know I'll never forget that. Or the day that very kid snorted a pen cap up his nose and had to be rushed to the hospital.

OK. So I haven't been on vacation. I've been working like a mad woman. I haven't even gone to Mimico. I have done a few fun things in the last couple of weeks though.


We attended opening night for the new Second City show, Facebook of Revelations. It's always a great time with old friends at that place, this time with the added bonus of a truly magnificent show. It's the best show I've seen there in at least 6 years. Just stellar all around. The cast is on fire (I have such a hetero girl crush on Lauren Ash) and the writing is strong. If you are in Toronto do yourself a favour and check this show out. You won't be sorry!

The Robeau with the lovely Naomi Snieckus at the after party.

With two of my favourite funny men, Marty Adams and Jack Mosshammer. Marty made his mainstage debut in this show and something tells me I'll be saying I knew him when.


My friend Kath from CSIS got married - and you know what happens before a wedding - drinking and foolishness!

Before things got really goofy with two lovely Sarahs, Hutch and Sisko. I adore these two!

We did one of those "bachelorette party scavenger hunt thingies". You know, get a phone number, kiss a stranger, etc. I opted to get change for the condom machine from a stranger. I was way too proud of myself.

That's right, I needed $5 worth of change. That's just how busy I was planning on getting.

There we are, the lovely bride, the coked up stripper and the grimacing party goer. When he made his way up to me all I could say was "Is this really what you do for a living?" His reply? "I %8& LOVE MY JOB!". I bet you do, stripper guy. Just tell me this - why do you have a body guard?!? That's right. The guy came with a body guard. Give me a break, right?



Now, for something completely different, The Robeau's 9 year old niece Jordan came for a visit last weekend. They spent Friday afternoon at Canada's Wonderland while I was at the office, fostering her budding Ski Ball addiction. The boa was one of the prizes. It suits him, don't you think?

Dig his ability to remain oblivious!


Mostly though, it's been work. Check out the MTN Media Relations website if you want to see what I'm up to over there. It's been fun. This weekend sees the end of the run for Ron Fromstein's Summerworks hit "The Big Smoke" and Andrew Scott's guitar summitt tribute to Ed Bickert at the Oakville Jazz Fest. Sunday is Ed Mirvish Day in the city of Toronto, with a giant street party outside Honest Ed's. Expect more stories and lots of pictures next week!


  1. Ooh can I please steal this label? I am one busy bitch! Love it! We are both crazy busy with good things and even with all the stress I'm still like things could be worse! No life, nothing to do at all?
    And puh-fucking-leeze to the stripper who came with a bodyguard. Seriously? lmao

  2. You HAVE been a busy girl! Me, too...have some down-time this weekend and CAN.NOT.WAIT.

    Love, as usual, all the great photos! Yeah!

  3. I am so jealous!! You have been seeing some great people & shows. I would have a girl-crush on that woman too.

    Watch out for those strippers, you party-girl!!

    LOVE Robeau's boa!! (That 'oblivious' pic reminds me of myself and Tom!)


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