Yippy Kay Yay!


I'm more than halfway through my at-home-holiday and have taken a day off of non-stop Jazz Festival activity to have a chance to sleep in, do a little laundry, get caught up on MTN business and take in a movie with the Robeau. And folks, I'm giving "Live Free or Die Hard" a big thumbs up. Nothing will ever come close to capturing the magic that was the first "Die Hard" but John is still a gritty, believable everyman (even in these CG days) and the "Apple Computer Guy" is great, too. I don't have enough stamina right now to give you a proper review but I will say that I totally enjoyed it (we both did) and I'd love to see it again. Better than the first two sequels, even.

One small note of criticism to the filmakers: CCR is no Vaughn Monroe.


  1. Aw, no Vaughn Monroe? Curse them!

    My first look at the previews and I got that old "Die Hard" feeling.

    I always did like them fancy shirts.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that it's good. That first Die-Hard was great. I like Bruce Willis as an actor: he's compelling.


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