SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Listen to Generations Jazz Trio this Saturday Morning...


Get your weekend off to a great start this Saturday, May 19th and tune into Ross Porter's "Music to Listen to Jazz by" on JazzFM which will feature a rebroadcast of the Sound of Jazz Concert Series appearance of "Generations" (Andrew Scott - guitar, Dave Young - bass and Gene DiNovi on piano). Ross Porter's program starts at 9am on Saturday, the concert should be on the air from about 11am - noon. Don't miss it!

That's 91.1 FM on your radio if you're in the Toronto area or you can listen online at from ANYWHERE in the word!

I hope you can take a listen, I'd love to know what you think!


  1. I just happened to read your e-mail alert at 11:02 as I sat down at the computer. Timing is all. Thanks!


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