Maybe that's why we always wear our hats.


This week began with the Robeau and I attending our first ever Passover Seder at our wonderful friend Elaine's house. We were both raised Catholic and I am now what can only be described as aggressively secular, so something that steeped in tradition and spiritual was a change of pace for both of us. It was fascinating to be a part of someone else's traditions, to meet her great family and enjoy all that incredible food and drink. What I liked the most about the whole thing was the discussion had around the table about the disenfranchised and the suffering. While they were celebrating their people's freedom from slavery they considered the plight of the homeless and of the people in Darfur. It was inspiring. Like anything to do with organized religion though, I am still left thinking, "nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there".

The week ended yesterday when I hooked up with Book Vixen to enjoy a belated b-day breakfast (happy b-day BookVixen!) and to take in the "Jesus Parade" in Little Italy. Every year the Passion is marched out along College Street, complete with marching bands, ancient women saying the rosary and a different young guy from the community playing Jesus for every station of the cross. What was the most entertaining was the fact that the best Jesuses (Jesi?) got saved for the more showy parts (whipping, cross-bearing) and the really weak Jesi were cast early on, in the less exciting part of the story, riding a donkey and wearing a bad wig. I imagine there is a great deal of back talk and jealousy involved in the casting of the big man every year...just like any other form of theatre. It was a very cool spectacle and really fun afternoon (you can check out all the pictures over at my Flickr account).

Today we enjoyed what has become my favourite new Easter weekend tradition, a visit from Momster, Robby Disco and the adorable Mr. Liam and Miss Norah. This year we gathered at Sam's house. He was a very amiable host...

It was great to meet Norah, the first girl of the bunch. She's quiet and sweet and I get the feeling that she is just sort of tolerating all of us and our stupidity. She may only be three months old, but at one point, I'm pretty sure I saw her roll her eyes at me. I'm OK with that, I probably deserved it.

Liam is more fun than I can tell you - he had a field day with our camera, taking well over 100 photos (some of the best ones are up at Flickr too). What was really cool was that he made us all feel like we get to hang out with him every weekend and not just once or twice a year.

But that's how it is with old friends, right?

Happy Easter everyone, however you choose to celebrate it.


  1. Teriffic (terriffic? terrific? terific?) post! It's good to see lots of different perspectives on things, isn't it? It's part of the reason I love the Blogosphere so.

    "Aggressively secular"--I would argue with that because most of the aggressively secular that I know don't choose to explore others' religious experiences. Anyway, it's tres cool that you did and that you wrote about it! I might call you "Aggressively a Citizen of the World." ;)

  2. Man. That Roman/Hey-zeus/Sushi-joint shot REALLY makes me miss Toronto.

    Nice post.

  3. OH my god, how cute those kids are!! They must adore you. Sounds like such a fun and interesting weekend!

    (Wow, what a parade!! And I thought the parades in the North End - back when I lived in Boston - were crazy... slipping dollar bills into statues of angels and saints.)

  4. Norah and Liam are cute as buttons!!

    "The Jesi." hilarious.

  5. And Sam is cute as a button, too!


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