Group Think, Valentines and Stuff.


Allow me to set the stage for you. Sunday morning. Three girls get together to enjoy a quick coffee and yes, a less quick mimosa before going to a fourth girl's baby shower. This shower has been a couple of months in the making, and our three girls, they were in on the planning of the event with the fourth girl's sister. That's just how tight these girls are, you see? The best of friends for more years than I, as one of the aforementioned three girls, care to mention. So off we trundle to points West, our Pottery Barn Kids wrapping paper gleaming in the mid-morning sun. Our heels clicking on the pavement. Why, Zee Noixy even wore a skirt. Bunz was wearing her snazzy overcoat, the one she wears when her bebe isn't around. I used the diffuser to dry my hair that morning, Bloggy McBloggerson. The diffuser! We went all out. We were all in and ready to toast Rachel and her "bundle". Everything was perfect, except for one small detail. Through some sort of horrible, group think malfunction we showed up a full 24 HOURS LATE!


We are so on the ball! Let's go to a baby shower!

Wait a minute...we're LOSERS!!!!

...thank goodness Rachel is so forgiving. I personally think that having to deal with such flaky girlfriends is giving her a head start on the whole motherhood thing. After us? A baby will be a walk in the park.


And now, because my darling CeCe asked, a quick recap of Valentine's Day at Chez Nolan/Robeau. I spent the evening alone because the Robeau, bless his hard working self, had a gig. I hung with the cats and drank vino. We're not too good with Valentine's Day or our Anniversary, the Robeau and I. New Year's used to be a big issue, but we're getting better at that as of late. We're good 363 days a year, but when we're supposed to be good, it just doesn't happen. And this isn't some sort of rant against "Hallmark" holidays. It's not. We just don't have it down yet. We get awkward. Something to do with expectations, I guess. I'm giving it another five years and then we'll see where we're at before I give up on the idea of observing these days all together. That said, he came home from his gig with some roses for me, and I made him this card, with my own hands and cold sense of logic. I think he liked it.


  1. Anonymous1:59 AM

    How mid-century of you. Something so sit-com never happens to the modern organized woman of today. Losers? Certainly not. Why, you're the Retro-girls!


    PS: In the vernacular of the young: OMG! ROFLMAO!

  2. Ok so I love you...but that heart, that literal heart, was very creepy!! I had to keep enhancing the pic and I was like what the?? But as long as the Robeau liked it thats all that matters.

  3. 24 hours late. Sweet Jesus. But, let's face it most showers are on Sundays, so it makes complete sense that would happen.

  4. BT - If they're Lucy and Ethel, does that make me Fred?

    CeCe - I hope JP never gives you a card like that ; )

    Trish - that was how we justified this to ourselves...showers are on SUNDAYS!

  5. OMG, ROTFLMAO! Too funny! Probably all that shiny PB Kids wrapping paper took some of the sting out of the fact that you missed the party... =)

  6. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Miss Tracey Nolan - missed you on SATURDAY and on SUNDAY. Your site rocks!
    - Rebecca, the Montreal Sister

  7. That is the best valentine evah.

  8. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Yep. You're Fred. Did you know Wm. Frawley had it in his contract that he got time off during the world series?

    - BT

  9. am still dripping in guilt from our terribly tardy arrival for the Power Shower! I totally infected you guys with maman brain virus!

  10. You guys all crack me up! Rebecca, thanks for coming by : ) and for not hating me after that debacle...


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