The Widow.


I've been following the coverage of Gerald Ford's State Funeral. These things are always fascinating for the pomp and the grandness of it all. Ford left office when I was all of 2 years old so I can't say that I remember his Presidency or felt touched by it in any substantive way but I've always been struck by the relationship that he seemed to have with his wife.

I was watching her on television, standing by her husband's coffin, elderly and frail. As they were playing "Hail to the Chief" I wondered what thoughts were going through her head. She's not mourning a President or reflecting on what went wrong with some of his young aides like Cheney and Rumsfeld. She's not thinking about how unfunny Chevy Chase is. I'm pretty sure she's not dazzled by the ceremony either. I bet she's thinking about the man she had coffee with every morning. I bet she's thinking about the little things. And I bet those break her heart more than anything.

Gerald R. Ford stands in the doorway of their apartment at 1521 Mount Eagle Place, Alexandria, VA as Betty Ford reads in the yard. 1952.

Betty Ford, Gerald R. Ford, Jr., Michael Ford and Jack Ford sit at the kitchen table in their apartment at 1521 Mount Eagle Place, Alexandria, VA. 1952

Representative and Mrs. Gerald R. Ford, Jr., pose for a photograph prior to departing for an unidentified diplomatic reception. 1958.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Lovely and sad thoughts. Life is lovely and sad, so is death.

    Black Tarantula


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