Stay a while and sit a spell...


I'm giving a big shout out today to some new faces who I think came by via a very nice review from Bitter Mistress over at the blog review site Ask and Ye Shall Receive, which has the delightful url "I will fucking tear you apart". She thinks I'm funny and that I have good hair and that alone is enough to make me love her. Forever and for always. She also thinks my template is kaka poo poo and I'm inclined to believe her, if only because of the aforementioned comments about humour and good hair. Also, I've been thinking about it and I once painted my bedroom walls burgundy. There was another time I thought it would be a good idea to buy a cable knit sweater. So, you see, I'm not always batting 1000 when it comes to style choices. I'm willing to take suggestions though, so if anyone has any thoughts on the template - it's merits, or what you'd like to look at when you come by my little corner of the intornet please, let me know. This ain't no democracy, but I'm happy to listen!

So, thanks to Bitter Mistress for the kind words (and for making me spew diet coke out my nose with the "short bus" badge) and welcome to you new readers. I hope you can stay a while and sit a spell...


  1. That's how I found you. I just couldn't resist clicking when she said that you're funny.

    Funny is good. The hair is just a bonus.

    I have an ugly template too. I try not to look at it.

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Some cute templates on here:


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