Yesterday, the Robeau and I flung our doors open for our many wonderful friends, near and far. We had a great time, it was lovely catching up with everyone and indulging in some wine, cheese and nog.

Mo took some great pictures (and I tinkered with them in iphoto because I couldn't help myself. Even though I know that I will look back in another 24 hours and say, "you should have walked away...what's with that matte?")


  1. I can already tell from the looks of your friends that I would adore you in real life.

    I wish we lived closer.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

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  3. Jenny - I felt the same way when I started reading your blog! You really must come up North, we'd have a swell time....

    And to the good people at the Blog of the Day Awards, thank you very much! I'll be sure to check in regularly to see who else you suggest reading. You made my Monday!

  4. Vonster and I always get a little sad when we see what we are missing from afar ...

  5. We missed you guys!!! I swear, at one point there were like 50 people in our little abode and I thought to myself, we just need three more and we'd be complete...


  6. Tracey,
    Looks like a lot of fun. The pix are great. Oh, I have to check out the Dinah later tonight from home.

    The weekly holiday video. Cool.

  7. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Mine Hosts,

    You have the knack for bringing folks together in the common pursuit of good cheer! Ta.

    Black Tarantula

  8. Tracey,
    I thought of you tonight. I'm walking in Philly, past the Merriam theater and whose face do I see smiling down: Mandy P!

    He's playing in Philly in early January. I almost gave him a salute.

  9. Thanks BT, it was great having you there!

    Trish, I can't believe that! Too funny. "you wanted to salute him"! I thought of you last night when I saw Santorum giving his farewell speech. And I smiled...


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