Wanted to share some Halloween pics with you. The folks in my office at CSIS really got in the spirit with a pumpkin carving contest. Creative buggers! Check it out:

Michelle did a great job organizing the whole party/pumpkin extravaganza. Here she is in her 80's stand up comic costume. Doesn't she look like a cross between Rita Rudner and Paula Poundstone?

Is this thing on?

And here I am, in my beatnik costume. This stems from my adoration of the campy Buffalo movie program "Off Beat Cinema" more than anything else, I think. I carried around a copy of "Bird Lives", recited poetry and snapped my fingers a lot. Next year I'm thinking, trim the wig, wear a blue dress and BAM! instant Monica. Right?

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  1. Okay, Tracey, I so wish I worked with you guys. You actually do fun things. I'm jealous!!!! :)


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