My 5K.


Well, here we are T, minus nothing. It's D-Day as in "do or die", Letters to Liam opens tonight! Zee Noixy put it nicely last night when she said "this is like your 5K". Cause you gotta know that just about everyone in my circle of friends has trained for and run a 5K in support of some wonderful and worthy cause. That's their extra curricular and this is mine. You see, I don't even run for the bus, but I did do this, and I'm proud of it. Instead of working on my muscle tone, I've been working on my comedic timing.

As I alluded earlier in the week it's been a pretty hellish couple of days. Things have been tres hectic at CSIS but they are starting to mellow out and the event that we've been working on is poised to go off tomorrow without a hitch so.."phew" on that count!

The other major stress is that my Mom landed herself in the hospital and had to get an angioplasty. All is well though and she is now at home. To sum up her state of mind about the whole thing, a direct quote: "Regis had one, Letterman had one, Cheney has one every other week!"

So I won't dwell on it. Because my Mom would be pissed at me if I did and because I'm sure Mary Cheney doesn't dwell on it when her Dad has one. That's right, Mary Cheney is my new role model. Ack.

And now, because I don't want to dwell on health stuff, pre-show jitters or the horrible fate that fell on those poor New York Mets last night, a photo of the french manicure that I just gave myself. Yeah, that's right. Did it myself! Back up career number #342 is now "manicurist".


  1. Mary C5:14 PM

    Hey Tracey

    Can't wait to see the show tonight! I KNOW you will do wonderful!

    Mary C :-)

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Miss T, this message is too little too late from someone who's just too weird, but good luck tonight! I'll be cheering for you from afar to repay your fabulousness for being a family-planning-supporting liberal humorist artist girl!

  3. I haven't been by in a couple days and I missed all this. I thought the show was next weekend. I wanted to say break a leg. How did it go Friday?

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she's doing better. You must have been beside yourself with worry. Coupled with the stress of the show.

  4. Mary - thanks so much for coming. It was so much fun!

    Maderine - thanks for coming by!

    Trish - thanks for the well wishes. It's been a long week but it ended well. No more crisis at work, my mom's doing great and the show went really well. Phew! Thanks for the well wishes :)


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