Giving my "Propers" to my "Peeps".


I updated the sidebar on Bloggy McBloggerson this morning so that I can link to the blogs that I read everyday more easily and so that I can share them with anyone who happens by here. Got a few hours on your hands? Check these folks out, you won't be sorry!

  • Robby Disco: The Blogenator

  • Robby is my good friend, in LIFE not just on the internet! We've known eachother for what feels like forever (ten years? has it been ten years yet?). He also happens to be married to one of my oldest and dearest friends "Momster" whose pretty face you've seen grace the archives of Bloggy McBloggerson. Her, I've known since high school (more than ten years) and when she brought Robby Disco into our circle I couldn't have been more thrilled. How great is it when you know that you'd be friends with your girlfriends' significant others even if you met him on your own? Momster and Robby are the proud parents of Liam, a boy so nice some crazy chick in Toronto wrote a one woman show using him as inspiration. The disappointment I feel over the fact that the Blogenator and his family live in Ottawa now is satiated somewhat by the fact that I can now check in with his witty blog for anecdotes and videos. Something tells me even if you don't know him, you'll want to after you check out his blog.

  • Liberal Chick

  • Speaking of people you don't know but feel like you do, Trish over at Liberalchick is someone I make a point to check in on, at least once a day. Her humour is sharp, he observations, dare I say it, pithy and her point of view is unmistakably her own. Occasionally Trish will post a short story or essay and those are always, always winners. She's a wonderful writer and I'm proud to have her reading and commenting on Bloggy McBloggerson.

  • Citygirl

  • There are days where I would swear that Citygirl and I are living the same life. So of course I think that she's hilarious, brilliant and accomplished. I love to hear her stories about work, about life with her fiance and their cat and about the progress she's making on her screenplay...which, if it's half as entertaining as her blog, will be a huge success! I'm so glad I get to count Citygirl among my cyber-friends!

  • CeCe's Style

  • CeCe is another blogger that I found when she commented on Bloggy McBloggerson. CeCe's youth and optimism is infectious. And I love, love, love it when she talks about make up. She reminds me about a lot of the fun stuff you do in your 20's that you lose sight of once you hit your 30's. It's because of CeCe that I went out and bought a new eyeshadow brush last week.

  • Jenny in Houston

  • Jennifer Lawson blogs at the Houston Chronicle with four other women under the heading "Mama Drama". I found her when she posted a comment on Bloggy McBloggerson last week. When I hopped over to the Houston Chronicle and read her post on Oscar the Grouch I choked on my latte I was laughing so hard. This woman is a riot!

  • I used to fly like Peter Pan

  • Maderine Rue of "I used to fly like Peter Pan" is another blogger that I found through a comment on Bloggy McBloggerson last week. So far I've found her writing insightful and full of wonderful self deprecating humour. And she's a Bob Dorough fan! How could I not love her? How could you not love her?

  • Zee Noixy

  • ZeeNoixy and I met in the first grade and we've been best friends ever since. Just because she hasn't updated her blog in almost a year, doesn't mean she won't hit her stride with it someday! I'm gonna keep checking back until she does. In the meantime, the archives have some great recipes and ideas on hot spots in the

    File under C for "Celebrity" Bloggers:

  • Paul Wells

  • Humour, politics, jazz, all with a unique Canadian perspecitve. I used to buy the National Post just to read his columns. I'd also like to point out here and now that if Robby Disco ever actually invites him to dinner, I'm coming too!

  • Scott Feschuck

  • Another writer I used to buy the Post for. Snarky. Sharp. Makes me snicker.

  • Wonkette

  • Wonkette is an entertaining talking head when she's on CNN and that's why I first checked out her blog. I adore political gossip more than almost anything. It's right up there with kitties and chocolate and...booze.

  • Greek Tragedy

  • I first read about Stephanie Klein's blog in the Sunday New York Times probably about a year ago. At first I didn't understand what the big deal was. Before I knew it I was checking in with her every day. There is something strangely compelling about this woman's writing and her perspective on life. I LOVE her photography and her entries about food the most. This woman really knows how to write about food.


  • The aforementioned "Momster" turned me onto Heather Armstrong's blog Dooce with an email saying "you'll love her, she reminds me of us". Something tells me her millions of readers feel the same way. Armstrong is a big deal for a reason. I love to check in every day and see what's happening with her, Jon, Leta and Chuck. What's funny is that I heard the term "dooced" (getting fired for writing about your job on your blog) before I had ever read Dooce. Talk about being part of the vernacular.

  • SnarkSpot

  • Author Jennifer Weiner's blog was the first blog that I read on a regular basis. It was advertised on the dust jacket for her first novel "Good in Bed" which I read and enjoyed enough to check out this weblog thing. She's another blogger who succeeds in making you feel like instant girlfriends and she's probably the main reason I started a blog in the first place. Her books are great too, much better than the degrading "chicklit" label would have you believe.

    One of the things that makes blogging so fun for me is connecting with my readers, especially when they're writers. If anyone out there in cyberspace has any suggestions for blogs I should check out, please let me know!


    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      I enjoy your blog, and the smart writing at I also really enjoyed your photos of New Orleans - thank you for that.

    2. Miss Tracey,
      Thank you for the kind words. I'm very touched.

    3. Oh my God!

      I'm totally trying to remind myself that I want to comment about Robbie Disco having the best name ever and then I see "Jenny in Houston" and I think...hey! Another Houston blogger! Cool!

      Hee. I'm such a dork. But you totally made my morning.

      Now I'm off to see if Robby Disco is as fabulous as his name.

    4. eb - thanks for coming by!

      Trish - it's all true!

      Jenny (in Houston)! You kill me. Go check out Robby Disco. He's as awesome as you think he is!

    5. HI Miss Tracey Nolan. Thank you for visiting my site. I am flattered that someone rec'd me to you. Awesome. Actually I have been to your site before but have neer commented. I think I may have found you through a comment on Greek Tragedy? Anyway, this is a great post. I am always wondering how other people choose their blogroll. Thanks again for stopping by and please come back!

    6. Wow ... I made the top of the 2006 Miss Tracey Nolan blog awards. N-I-C-E! I can only say in return that you have lightened many a stressful workday with tales and wit ... and its kinda fun to meet in the blogosphere!

      Jenny ... I can only hope to live up to Tracey's opion of me ...

      R. Disco


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