Unfair and Unbalanced.


In another life, when I was in my early 20's I worked in "Distribution" for a "film company". I was encouraged by a higher up, who was clearly jockeying for the much coveted position of mentor, to join a little something we like to call WIFT. WTF is WIFT? "Women in Film and Television", dumbass. Get WIFT it. I ponied up because, let's face it, I was too young and impressionable to know what a terrible idea something like this was. The first of every other month WIFT would hold a breakfast for its members to meet, mingle, network and hear words of wisdom from a guest speaker. We were to do all this, by the way, while not eating the breakfast spread that was laid out, opting instead for black coffee because that is what women in film and television do. Starve themselves. Even the ones that don't appear on screen. It was like The View, only worse. Much, much worse.

Some things never change:

Nice to see that America is finally ready for a woman to read off a teleprompter every night at 6:30pm even if it means CBS needs to photoshop 20lbs off her and make her look like a card carrying member of WIFT. Good. Lord.

While we're talking about things that are not new and not newsworthy how about Kyra Phillips chatting in the girls room with her mic pack on? I like Phillips, and the Robeau thinks she looks cute in a baseball cap, so it was nice to hear that she seems pleasant off camera. And I bet her husband feels pretty special these days. That said, how awkward is it going to be at her brother's house this Thanksgiving? I have a feeling that might be a little bit like The View too. "Pass the gravy you CONTROL FREAK"!

Phillips again, making a pretty sweet recovery.

That's all for tonight. You stay classy, Bloggy McBloggerson.


  1. Ahhhh, photoshop, is there any life you can't improve?

  2. Yeah, I'm probably just jealous.

  3. Speaking of Katie and the nightly news...I had quite the "discussion" with the fiance about her suitableness for the job. He thinks she's too perky and cute. All I know is that it's not like she's only been talking to celebs and chefs every morning. She's had to do real journalism too.

    He wasn't buying it. And, when I found out the boy wanted other female journalists for the job because he thought they were tougher and HOT? Well, it took a lot of work to keep my piping hot plate of nachos off of his head.


  4. Ha! The Robeau really does think that Kyra Phillips looks cute in a baseball cap.

    I only watched Katie on her first night, but I think she has the right amount of gravitas. Silly boy ;)


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