My Future's So Bright...


The Robeau, I am happy to report, is not the kind of boyfriend who feels the need to offer fashion advice. I know this happens out there. There are men out there who feel the need to tell the women in their lives that they don't like that blouse, or that those jeans make them look fat or that lipstick makes them look like a whore. With the Robeau it's usually "no comment" with the occasional "you look nice" or "that's hip" thrown in for variety. Unless, of course, we're talking about my sunglasses.

I like big sunglasses. They keep the sun out of my eyes and frankly, I feel kind of glam in them. Not Liz Taylor or JLo glam, more sort of Carol Channing glam. I've always worn my sunglasses big, I like them like that and I'm not going to stop just because the Robeau thinks I look like somebody's Jewish Grandmother.

"Bubbala, did you eat?"

Cut to a holiday Monday BBQ at Zee Noixy and To's fancy shmancy new Richmond Hill pad. Robby Disco looks at me and says, "Tracey always has those movie star sunglasses on!" and I felt the sudden need to defend my big shades. My methods may be unorthodox, but I think it works. Who knows, I may have some converts on my hands...

Robby Disco, playing it up for the papparazi.

Momster, aka Mrs. Disco rockin' the face eating shades.

Liam Disco, Esq. a little less amused by my experiment.

Mark actually pulls them off, don't you think?

Bunz looks so sunny and chilled out, especially considering she just gave birth to...

DJVL looking every inch the celebutant. Wasn't she on Laguna Beach last season?

Zee Noixy calls them "those Chernobol shades" and gives us her best impression of an angry Eastern European woman at a deli. You took the last loaf of rye and she is piiiiissed!

To' looking very relaxed. I think he just sent Joe Pesci to get him a drink.

Rach makes the look even more glam with the addition of a beautiful sunhat. I don't think the fact that I can see myself taking the picture in the glasses means they are too big, and neither should you!

Ramon thinks that maybe if he keeps the shades on Rach won't see him and make him go home and finish renovating the kitchen.

And, if I could get a cyber drum roll please.........

The Robeau, looking FAB-U-LOUS...

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

With that, ladies and gentlemen of the fashion jury, I rest my case.


  1. No need to defend the glasses ... you are the most connected celebutant that I know. You are always one pop culture reference ahead of me. I just saw the commercial for Laguna Beach on DVD. Otherwise ... what tha? Then again I am over 30. I do know one thing ... if I am gonna keep wearing those glasses, I'm gonna need a gold tooth.

    PS: Just noticed the myspace link ... and if I may quote the Robeau ... "that's hip".

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Sunglasses and bank accounts - neither can be too big!


  3. Carol Channing Glam! Oh, I am so using this expression in conversation. Real soon I am going to lay that on someone all casual.

    ie., "That shirt is glam. Channing glam!

    I don't wear sunglasses, but if I did, I would wear the "Channings"

  4. Thank for the support, friends!

    Robby Disco...I'm getting you a gold tooth for Christmas and ain't nothin' gonna stop me.


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