Thursday night the Robeau and I scored last minute tickets to the first game of a four game series at Rogers Centre where the Blue Jays would take on The New York Yankees.

The evening started off with the ceremonial first pitch being thrown out by living legend Ed Mirvish, in honour of his 92nd birthday. Ed is pictured here with his son David...aka, best boss ever. Although you didn't hear me say that. Cause I work for CSIS. And I can't talk about my job.

I haven't witnessed a crowd at a Toronto Blue Jays game this revved up since the Jay's took back to back World Series Titles. In fact, I haven't seen the Yankee fans out numbered by hometown fans at Rogers Centre in man a year. Many a year. It was a pleasant change. Even for a dyed in the wool Yankee fan. The crowd was 42,000 strong and really involved in the game. What a treat to not be surrounded by apathy.

Mike Mussina was brilliant over the first five innings, but fell apart in the sixth giving up four runs, aided by Alex Rodriguez's inexplicable throwing error. It was the beginning of the end. Here they are (above) snapped from our perch on the first baseline in happier times, the first inning.

My love for the Yankees is unconditional and permanent. Win or lose. But it hasn't always been exclusive. I loved the Jays back in the early 80's, Alfredo Griffin, Willie Upshaw, Jesse Barfield. Kirby Puckett and the Twins in 87 and 88. Not to mention, I had a wicked crush on the New York Mets in 2000. If they weren't playing my boys in the Series, I would have been rooting for them. They had spunk and grit and determination. They didn't listen when people told them they shouldn't be winning. There's something really appealing about that kind of tenacity.

So appealing I couldn't be upset when Vernon Wells hit that walk off home run in the 11th inning off of Mo (pictured above). They were enjoying the moment so much, I wanted to let them have it. Besides, that's the thing about baseball...there's always tomorrow.


  1. Or, you know, the next day.

  2. The Yankees are evil!! Excepting, the delicious Derek Jeter.

    What is CSIS? Is it the Canadian Intelligence Service? Do Tell.

  3. Look at you - all knowing in the ways of Canadian Intel! You must watch the PBS!

    In truth, I work at a big theatre company in Toronto, but I live in fear of being 'dooced' so I try not to talk about it online. So I SAY that I work for CSIS. Or do I???????

    Oh, and Trish, love our Captain, love all of us. Come on, bet you'd look cute in pinstripes!!!

  4. Trish, I feel like I should explain myself:


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