Day Two, continued: Bourbon Street


We arrive at our hotel, The Inn on Bourbon, which is lovely and on the site of the old New Orleans Opera House.

The Robeau, poolside:

We've decided that next year, we may have to rent a cottage up North for a week or something for our vacation so that he can have his crackberry guilt-free, I can bring my laptop and not have to have any charts or graphs. Learning to relax is hard!

If we got tired of the quiet sophistication of our hotel, all we had to do was look out our room window, onto Bourbon Street.

We head out to Bourbon Street to see for ourselves and land in a place called Krazy Korner where beer is "3 for 1" and you are not allowed to buy less. People are completely faced in the middle of the afternoon and dancing to a zydeco band. It's fun, but it promises to old really fast, especially cause I'm pretty sure I can't keep up booze wise. Is it Spring break? No? It's like this all the time? Okaaaay...

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