Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards - Redux!


This past Friday night, the second annual Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards were held at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre. The Clayton/Scott Group won Group of the Year for the second year in a row, making them the only act to "repeat" a win.

The CBC website points out "Clayton/Scott Group, the duo of pianist Jim Clayton and guitarist Andrew Scott who record with some of Canada's top jazz musicians, won group of the year for the second year in a row." Very exciting! If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and get Rogers Cable the show is being aired frequently in the coming days (and possibly weeks or months...hey, it's cable).

Building on his Juno success, West coast crooner Michael Bublé picked up all three awards for which he was nominated (including best male vocalist, album of the year for It's Time and Socan best original composition for his hit song Home.) Other winners included Molly Johnson who won female vocalist of the year. Jesse Cook picked up the guitarist of the year award and Carol Welsman was top keyboardist. And, incidentally she was the only woman who changed her clothes...twice! The Glamour of it all...

There was a tie for best wind instrumentalist with both flutist Alexander Zonjic (who hosted the awards) and saxophonist Warren Hill winning the award. Warren Hill has a career South of the border and therefore wears crazy leather pants. Nothing separates the Canadian and American artists in the genre more than their wardrobes.

International artist of the year was trumpeter Chris Botti.   Broadcaster Bob Farrow of smooth jazz station Wave 94.7 won broadcaster of the year. I have nothing to say about his clothes.

Contemporary music legend Bob James (most famous for writing the theme to the sitcom "Taxi"), who performed at the ceremony (and sounded amazing), was honoured with the George Benson Lifetime Achievement Award. The recognition couldn't have gone to a more deserving fellow!

A few pictures from the evening...

The Robeau (aka big time award winner Jim Clayton) and I enjoyed a very fancy meal of Popeye's chicken in scenic Mississauga, before the show. You can see I'm getting all dolled up for the evening ahead at the table.

Here's the Robeau, opening the show with the tune "Avital" from the group's second CD, "So Nice". Funkae stuff!!!

Andy Scott, who also Music Directed the event, on stage. We're going to have to call him Dr. Scott in a few weeks when he gets his PhD.

The Robeau, with living legend and super nice guy Bob James at the post show VIP party. Bob James has always been a big influence on the Robeau, so this was a very special moment.

For more on The Clayton/Scott Group visit their website:
  • The Clayton/Scott Group

  • For a very interesting article from the National Post discussing the merits of Contemporary Jazz, among other things, and featuring the insight of boy genius (M)andrew Scott click here:
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    1. Anonymous8:04 PM

      BT sends congratulations and wonders "where's my biscuit?".

    2. Dude, "where's my biscuit?" sounds like it could be a Bob James tune from the 70's!

      Will send along you kind congrats :)

    3. I haven't heard good live jazz in so long.....

      I need to get out more.

    4. Anonymous10:58 PM

      Mo says-Mucho congrats and thanks for the seriously wonderful photo series!


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