The Psychology of Politics...and kitties


Who's a pretty little conservative? Can't you just see her in pearls and a twin set?
Eva, the eldest of our three kitties here at Chez Clayton/Nolan has a tendency to hiss. She's got a nervous disposition and frankly, I think she's convinced everyone is out to get her. She'll hiss "preemptively" and then run away, for no good reason. Like one of those kids in the playground who yells "DON'T HIT ME!" even though nobody was going to hit them and then, as a result gets hit, because, let's face it, who could help themselves?

If research is right, our cat is a conservative.

Scientists in the Berkeley area have been tracking 95 people for the last 20 years, from the time they were kids, to see if there was a pattern in their childhood behaviour and how they turned out politically. It was recently published in the Journal of Research Into Research and Personality.

According to the study, the kid who always thought everyone was out to get him and was always running to the teacher with complaints grew up to be a conservative. The confident, resilient, self-reliant kids mostly grew up to be liberals.

Of course these are not absolutes, but I do think it's interesting. I will say this though, much as I adore her I'm sure glad Eva can't vote.

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