New Project - Reenactcat Productions


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my latest creative venture, Reenactcat Productions, all cat reenactments of classic films and stage plays! "Reenactcat Productions: It's about time!"

This is the publicity still from Reenactcat Productions first project, An Affair to Remember starring Bernie the wonder cat in the Deborah Purr role. Here she is on the couch, with her shriveled little legs hidden by a blanket, waiting to tell Carey Cat her terrible secret:

Her performance was incredibly powerful. The scene towards the end, when she whips the blanket off and begins to lick her shriveled little legs in front of him was incredibly moving. Her performance embodied a sense of romance, but also, a great feminist streak ran through it. She was truly magnetic onstage, even through the unplanned sequence when the love scene got interrupted by a rogue furball. Glen S at NOW magazine was less than kind about this incident, but I don't think he'd know good cat-based improv if it bit him in the ass. Oh, Glen S, if you're reading this, apologies that one of the ensemble actually bit you in the ass. What can I say? It's the risk you must take when working with felines, and honestly, isn't it worth it?

We are working on remount of this show (fingers crossed!) in time for the Toronto Fringe Fest!!!!

We are also in talks with B to the izzo for an all cat hip hop version of Madame Bovary for next season. I don't want to give too much away, but I think Richard O at the Star is going to love it. It will be full of depth (and you KNOW he loves depth!!!). Oh, and treats, depth and treats...because sometimes, treats are the only way we can keep her on stage.

Look at me! Giving away our big production secrets!!!!

Also on tap for next season is The Odd Couple starring Pickles and Eva. We are still uncertain as to who will be playing Felix and who will be playing Oscar - the choice would seem obvious, but Pickles has decided she wants to try and stretch as an actor. I think she is kidding herself. She is a natural Oscar and the sooner she realizes that the easier the negotiations are going to be. For those of you that are wondering, we will be doing the original version of the script and not the "all female" rewrite from the 80's. Just because we work with cats, and only cats you think we don't have integrity?

SO...I look forward to seeing you at the next Reenactcat Productions event. Admission is PWYC and includes a free lint brush at the door!


  1. PWYC? I can't for the life of me figure that one out, but I'm sure the performance is worth whatever that admission is!

  2. Ha! "Pay What You Can" standard for low budget theatre in these parts. Usually means you're desperate for an audience :)

  3. Well, this certainly puts a whole new slant on "fantasy casting" - where does Denzel come in, I wonder???! ;)


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