Last night I took in Richard Greenblat's new solo show Letters from Lehrer at CanStage. I thought it was a great show, and I'll write more about that another was a strange coincidence, because although I have been wanting to see the show, I didn't plan on going last night, I inherited the tickets from a generous friend who couldn't make it. I say it was a strange coincidence because tonight the tribute to my friend Derek Lamb is being held at the National Film Board on John Street. Derek introduced me to Tom Lehrer's songs a decade or so ago. His influence is everywhere. That charming bugger is omnipresent!

I've been working on a slide show comprised of old photos and artwork for the event tonight. Most of the pictures are from Kaj Pindal's personal archive. They are all so wonderful - but I think this one is my favourite at the moment. Derek and Kaj (check out those shades!) in Montreal in the late 1950's. They look as though they could take on the world. Funny thing is, they did.

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