Yanks offer Bernie arbitration just before midnight!


Don't think I could be more excited!

Not thrilled with the chatter about the possible return of Clemens but every cloud has it's silver...whatever.

From New York Daily News:

Bernie Williams has spent 15 years in pinstripes and it appears likely he'll be there for at least one more.

Faced late Wednesday night with a midnight deadline to reach agreement on a new contract, offer arbitration or lose negotiating rights with the veteran centerfielder until May, the Yankees received a handshake deal from Williams' agent, Scott Boras, which buys them more time to work out a new pact and effectively ensures Williams will return to the Bronx.

As part of the deal, the Bombers will offer arbitration to Williams - who made about $12.3 million last season - but have Boras' word that he will decline, meaning the Yanks have until Jan. 8 to get Williams signed as a reserve outfielder/DH. The Bombers are looking to give Williams a one-year deal for around $1.5 million-$2 million with incentives that could push the value up to around $3 million.

By giving the Yankees that guarantee, Boras is virtually ruling out that Williams will sign with another team because doing so would mean the new club would forfeit a draft pick to the Yankees as compensation.

"I think this is a signal that we're both agreeing that at some point we hope to get something done," GM Brian Cashman said. "There's a lot that goes into the decision. Bernie means a lot to the franchise. Someone like him, you make sure to take the extra time and care as you walk through the process."

Cashman, who ran into Williams briefly in an elevator here, said George Steinbrenner was pleased to hear the news.

"He's always had a soft spot in his heart for Bernie Williams as we all have," Cashman said. "As owner of the franchise, he's seen a lot of special moments from Bernie Williams."

Staying in pinstripes has always been Williams' preference and Boras said that while several teams had contacted him, he had no plans to go further with them until all options were exhausted with the Yanks.

From me:


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