With age comes wisdom...or something like it.


Things I have realized in the last little while include the fact that as we all become older and our lives become busier, funerals are not just an opportunity to grieve or a duty done for friends and family, they are social events....and dare I say it, fun.

Also, apparently, with age comes the fact that I am full of hot air...despite the fact that I have been threatening to put it up for weeks on end, my Christmas Tree remains in pieces on my living room floor. Damn you, Canadian Tire and your useless tree stand. Damn you to h-e-double hockey sticks. How's that for Canadian?

Third and final pearl of wisdom that comes with the passage of time is this:

No matter how happy and stable you may feel, if you cut your wrist on the sharp teeth of a cling wrap box, people will be concerned for your mental well being. And your food? Well, it will remain uncovered.

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