Don't hate me cause I'm Festive


Every year, as soon as Daylight Savings Time occurs and it starts to get dark before I leave the office, every moment of every day is a constant struggle. It's an internal struggle of "common sense" vs "Christmas spirit". Every moment of every day.

Well, today, I lost the battle. Standing in the middle of Urban Outfitters on Yonge Street clutching a little box with the words "THIS TREE NEEDS YOU" printed on it, Christmas spirit won. It kicked my ass. It always does.

The tree in the box (the tree that "needs me") is an exact replica of the tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas, made of wire branches and plastic needles with a criss cross wooden base. The bendable branches allow you to make it look just how you want, super pathetic or just kind of pathetic. The tree comes with a single red Christmas ball ornament.

The reality is, I need the tree more than the tree needs me. I'm giddy about it. If I can put the rest of the decorating off for at least a week, I can justify it by saying that my decorating coincides with the Santa Claus Parade. If I can hold out for two weeks, I can say I'm lining it all up with American thanksgiving. I'm not holding out hope, mind you, but I have to try.

I can't just roll over. I mean, I'm not gonna just be Christmas' bitch without a fight.

Good Grief, do I LOVE that tree!

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