Genre-leaping jazz icon Miles Davis heads the list of 2005 candidates for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We know that Miles changed the face of jazz several times and helped usher in the jazz-rock fusion movement. He has also been a key influence on a wide array of non-jazz artists, including Prince, Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron (who knew?), Who leader Pete Townshend and the members of Radiohead, whose landmark album, "OK Computer," was greatly inspired by Davis' epic fusion album, "Bitches Brew."

So, OK, why not? Guess I'd be more excited if I really cared about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Something tells me Miles would have appreciated it. He always wanted to stay hip and current. John Coltrane has never been inducted which seems like a shocking oversight to me. Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton have both been inducted as "early influences" which seems appropriate.

Dr. John was nominated too, but didn't make the cut. Thank goodness. Dr. John doesn't do it for me. You know what I say to Dr. John? "You're not a Doctor, SHUT UP!" That is what I say to Dr. John.

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