Back to School


You have to wonder - how many years does it take to get over that "back to school" feeling the day after labour day? I woke up this morning worried I wouldn't have enough sharp pencils, unsure of what to wear and reminding myself to find a desk that wasn't at the front of the class or the back of the class, but somewhere in the middle.

I haven't been in school for 12 years.

I'm not someone who makes new years resolutions. I find that first hint of fall and a new pencil case inspires change in me much more than a hangover and an eighty percent chance of snow. I'm not going to share any of my new school year resolutions with you because I've decided that it's not my lack of sticktoitiveness that thwarts my resolutions. It's telling people what they are. It's like blowing out the candles on your birthday cake or wishing on a star. Best to keep your hopes secret.

I will tell you this though. I hope that in the new school year I don't have to deal with any more hangnails like the one I have on my right thumb right now. Damn hangnail is so severe, I feel like it requires stitches. Youch.

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