Attended the opening night of the latest production of Les Mis to hit Toronto last week with the always delightful Zeenoixy. The cast was amazing, I am happy to report (especially since that is not always the case with road companies). The swish after party, which was held at the theatre, boasted food stations with comical if somewhat questionable signage. The "Jean Valjean stolen bread sandwich station"?! Had me laughing and the brisket was delish!

If you're like me and you were a theatre geek and in high school when this show was in its heyday, taking it in again would be a fun trip down memory lane. I became flush with embarrassment half-way through the first act when I remembered that I had written 24601 as my student number in my agenda book. Ugh...."At the end of the Day" you're another day older and still a big 'ol geek!

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