Happy Oscar Peterson Day!


Today I've been walking a little taller, there's been a smile in my eye, and a song in my heart. I've annoyed loved ones, coworkers and strangers alike with my non stop cries of "It's Oscar Peterson Day!"

I'm including some (fuzzy) photos that I snapped of the event this afternoon at HMV to unveil the OP stamp. The first photo is of OP and his stamp. The second is of OP, his birthday cake, and special guest Diana Krall who attended with her husband Elvis Costello. It was wonderful to see Ms. Krall, obviously as moved as the rest of us to be in the birthday boy's presence.

For more on OP visit
  • His official website
  • where you'll find discographies and some very insightful journal entries.

    Great reading for anyone interested in OP, jazz, the history of Toronto or education is Andrew Scott's scholarly article on
  • The Advanced School of Contemporary Music

  • I could go on at great length about Oscar Peterson's ability, his elegance and his taste. I’ll refrain from that and say only this; I am proud of him, Canada is proud of him.

    Diana Krall put it beautifully when she said "God bless you and the day you were born".


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