The beauty of unintentional humour in sad times


I decided to watch Larry King last night since they were doing a little show in remembrance of Peter Jennings, who as you know passed away over the weekend. I always liked Jennings, he was handsome and smart and being Canadian at his roots, always seemed to be just a little more "fair and balanced" than the other big players in the news game. I gravitated to him during the 9/11 coverage because while he was clearly stressed - even heartbroken, he was speaking about the "why" of the thing right away, like a good journalist would, while everyone else was still in whatever stage of grief "anger" is.

At any rate, Larry King spent the first half of his show talking to Brian Williams (the American, not the Canadian who I will always picture in an orange polyester sport coat), Bob Scheiffer and Bernie Shaw, which was cool. The second half was going to be dedicated to a look at lung cancer, because that was what claimed Jennings and in a weird coincidence, Dana Reeve, long suffering non-smoker and beautiful widow of Christopher Reeve announced yesterday that she too, was suffering from lung cancer.

Larry was throwing to commercial break and says..."When we come back Christopher Reeve's widow Dana CARVEY announces that she has lung cancer".

Well isn't that special!

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