The Maple Leaf Forever!


Today, I am extra proud to be a Canadian.

Woke up this morning and read the Toronto Star report that:

"The minority Liberals used some procedural flash and dazzle late last night to stun the opposition Conservatives and win a crucial budget vote that now paves the way for smooth passage of the controversial same-sex marriage legislation.

Sensing an opportunity to surprise the Conservatives — six of the party's 98 MPs were absent for the first of last night's votes — the Liberals deployed a seldom-used parliamentary tactic to force a vote on Bill C-48, the Liberal-NDP budget deal.

In the end, the Prime Minister Paul Martin's government survived, by a vote of 152 to 147, a budget vote that had threatened to topple its fragile minority.

The NDP-Liberal budget bill includes more money for affordable housing, post-secondary education, public transit and foreign aid.

Though the Liberals ensured passage of a pair of crucial bills and continued survival until at least the fall, the evening's other big winner was NDP Leader Jack Layton." (my MP!)

Huzzah for centrist government!

The Conservative leader won't stop whining about how he just isn't getting a fair shake. Harper, in my opinion, is poisonous. The man is a neo-fascist, big business toadie, who if given a chance will drag Canada into a nightmare future of Orwellian proportions. Harper is against separation of church and state, is anti choice, and is in favour of tax breaks for big business, while remaining strongly positioned against social short, a creep. Call me a drama queen if you must, but the truth remains, the man is a creep. With bad hair.

I chalk one up for the good guys today and plan on celebrating by attending Forte Men's Chorus PRIDE Concert "Steam Heat".

So there!

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