Lost and Found


Recently, while cleaning my apartment, I found a pile of old stories I had written as a kid. The story below was written when I was in 5th grade and got seperated from my class on a field trip. I find the fact that I, even then, managed to gloss over my deep fear and go for the joke quite...telling.

Grammar and spelling errors included for a sense of authenticity.

by Tracey Nolan

Part I

I sure had a different trip on May 28, 1985. When we got there we had to wait 45 min. till our tour. There was a park with big hills waiting for us! Lets go! We played all kinds of games how fun but..."Somebody help me with my shoes" I yelled. I fell into a great big mud puddle. I stood there dripping wet with mud and sympathy. Ahh poor Tracey the rest of you laughed. Miss Davis said I could go clean off. The fasets were awful so it took me ages to get the mud off. I squished back to the park and who was there waiting for me?

Part II

Hey were is everybody? I thought. Nobody was there except for a gardner across the street and down a field. Well I'm going to find them. Again I looked around wandering aimlessly. Ducking branches of trees and lots of bees (the kind that sting) I came back to the park bench and sat down waiting tired and lonely. I decided if they wouldn't come to me and I couldn't come to them I'd get help! Sp I went to the souvieneer store and told the lady :Hi I'm lost!" I'm with grade 5 St Mark school." Shirley take the cash she yelled. She put her arm around my shoulder and told to relax (sounds familar I thought) She took me up to a path to another lady who took me to my class. "Oh Tracey" Miss Davis said "I'm sorry". The whole class asked at once where were you? "Lost and it wasn't fun" I snapped. Miss Davis gave me candels a klenex and took me for a walk. The lady gave me fleece the man gave me a spoon. On the bus home some people sang 99 bottles of beer, some talked, some read or whisperd. I though It could have been a whole lot better, but it could have been a whole lot better.

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