Well, he is the cute one...


I’ve noticed some alarming graffiti cropping up in our fair city. Who is the culprit? Is this a woman in her 50’s going through a mid-life crisis? A teenage kid trying to be ironic? Or is the man himself, trying to get some grass roots publicity? What possible explanation could there be for the words PAUL McCARTNEY #1 being scribbled on whitewashed walls and on subway platforms? I’ve seen it in five different places in five different neighbourhoods in the last two weeks. Now, while I don’t disagree with the sentiment, it strikes me as a really odd outlet for a Paul McCartney fan. What’s next? “LEONARD COHEN ROCKS MY WORLD!” “LIONEL RITCHIE 4EVER (+ INFINITY)” or maybe, “FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL HEATHER MILLS….”

While this public declaration of love for Paulie does strike me as somewhat odd, I have to say that I hope whoever is responsible for this keeps it up. It always makes me smile. And I’m always left with a favorite McCartney tune running through my head. A day spent with “Maybe I’m Amazed” running through your head is a good day. Besides, for my money, he’s still the cute one.

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