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So people like to wear shirts with corporate logos on them. I’ve noticed this. They like to wear their Nike and Addidas and what not. That’s cool. Whatever. I generally refrain from wearing stuff like that because it probably only serves to make people wonder why I’m not working out more. “She has the T-shirt, why doesn’t she MOVE more?”

It’s kind of like girls that wear t-shirts with pictures of other girls on them. You’re not going to catch me wearing a t-shirt with a picture of another girl on it. Like I need absolute strangers thinking, “Sure, she’s pretty, but she’s no Marilyn Monroe. How do I know? Cause she’s RIGHT THERE on her shirt.” I do not need the scrutiny. I do not.

I bring this up because I saw a nice looking fellow walking down Yonge Street this weekend in a T-shirt that read, in big block letters, NOT ENDORSED BY ANYONE. I see what he was going for. A nobody owns me, Naomi Klein, defiant attitude.

Problem is, it just made him look like nobody likes him.

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